Support E-learners

Photograph and drawing of people using computers.

Research suggests over half of learners do not receive adequate support to prepare them for e-learning.

Many report boredom and a failure of e-learning to change behaviour. E-learning is undermined because learners:
  1. Encounter e-learning that is nothing more than 'information dumping';
  2. Fail to recognise the validity of self-directed learning;
  3. Encounter content totally beyond their experience;
  4. Cannot transform e-learning into workplace informal learning;
  5. Require support to become effective independent learners.
Companies, SMEs, and Instructional Designers have a responsibility to ensure e-learning meets business goals by changing the learner's behaviour, and 'action mapping' learning to business/curriculum objectives.

How do you ensure (can you ensure) your learners are appropriately supported?

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