Rendering Flash in Mobile Browsers


Rendering any Flash (Adobe) file in a mobile browser is problematic to say the least.

It is important to remember that current (2012-09) 'smart' phones and 'tablets' are not computers in the accepted sense, but still, we expect them to be.

So, is there a solution, other than converting your Flash files to HTML5, or some other format?

The crux of the matter

Well, let's reiterate the problem...

"Flash assets do not render in a mobile device's browser."

The main protagonists are 'Flash' 'Mobile' and 'Browser' (I think we can agree that 'Mobile' is beyond our influence).

Possible action

We can change 'Flash' (lots of time, planning, staff, MONEY)...


We can change 'Browser' (probably free, easy to install, available to everyone via the web, the device owner solves the problem not the Flash asset owner).

You can see where this is going, can't you?

Solutions (free)


The Nomensa Accessible Media Player 2.0 does exactly what it reads on the tin and also runs on iDevices.

Android and Mac

Puffin Browser 2 is a candidate for your iPhone/iPad or Android device.

Android only

Dolphin Browser will even run Articulate courses (tested on Samsung Tab 10.4)

Your contribution

If you know of other solutions, please share your insights here. Thanks. Take care.

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