Assessment Building Tools for Digital Learning


This is a very simple posting of assessment building tools, as recently recommended by users of LinkedIn.

The name of the tool is followed by a link to an on-line description and the [recommending LinkedIn user profile link].


Tutis http://tutis.abscgroup.com/ [au.linkedin.com/pub/jim-munro/31/803/388/]

Testcraft http://www.ingeniousgroup.com/ [www.linkedin.com/pub/bethany-mcnair/3/200/451/]

iSpring QuizMaker http://www.ispringsolutions.com/ispring-quizmaker [ru.linkedin.com/in/yuryuskov/]

SARAS http://www.excelindia.com/index.php/products/saras-vle [www.linkedin.com/in/jamiermulkey/]

TRACCESS http://www.ttg-inc.com/traccess_CI.htm [sg.linkedin.com/pub/teo-francis/21/600/bb/]

I trust you will find the above useful.

Should you wish to recommend other tools, please comment, I will be happy to extend the posting.